Kitty Honey Cosplay
Kitty Honey. Cosplayer from Argentina.
The name comes from a play on words with Cutey Honey, which is a n anime character who changes a lot her look and cosplay is changing the look.
I love comics, manga, anime, sci-fi movies and videogames.
When I was chil I wanted to be April O'Neil
Kitty Honey Cosplay
Eagle Marin Cosplay - Saint Seiya by Kitty-Honey
Kitty Honey in black latex corselette by Kitty-Honey
Athena Cosplay - Saint Seiya by Kitty-Honey
Hail! (Madame Hydra cosplay by Kitty-Honey

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Rogue Bishoujo ver. Cosplay by Kitty-Honey
Hail Hydra! (Madame Hydra cosplay) by Kitty-Honey
Madame Hydra Cosplay by Kitty-Honey